Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Good Morning Kaitlyn :o)

I blogged awhile back about Kaitlyn's skill in marking her her planner "DAYS OFF" no not official school calendar days off but days off Kaitlyn feels she should have for herself. (She is 15)

Today she woke up AS USUAL in her wonderful chipper joyous mood (NOT! NEVER) after my routine of giving her space and laying pretty much everything out for her she went to the family calendar and got upset that I had not kept up with placing today's number on the board. Listening to her say to me " DO NOT CALL ME HURRY"...She was seeking for it to be Friday. Then said "I am taking the next 2 Fridays off so do not wake me up Friday" LOL LOL LOL after I gathered my laughter, I explained to her that she could not just randomly take Fridays off. She informed me she never wants to go to school on Friday so "do not wake me up".. I let her have her moment and asked why she doesn't want to go to school on Friday and her reply "Do not wake me up Friday" LOL I have to tell you mornings with Kaitlyn haven't changed a bit since she was 3 years old! The clincher is once she is all ready and doing her waiting scavenger hunt for that one more pencil to take she tells me "I love you mom" several times.