Wednesday, March 17, 2010


3 2 1 REALITY ROCKS is my life. I blog to help educate on many levels of real life. Our real life. The ways people with Down syndrome thrive when given opportunities many of us take for granted. The hopes of getting all children adopted who wait years for families; again, we all take for granted. The fact children w/DS in other countries are left to die if not adopted by the ripe ole age of 4??? The views of large families not having enough love; squashed as you view the abundance of love we share as a family with 12 children today.... that is why I blog 3 2 1 REALITY ROCKS, exposing the inside of my heart.

I volunteer a large number of hours each week for an organization I started in 2001 called Southwest Florida PODS Angels Family Support Group, Inc... I know (long name) more than a mouthful but I was new at it. Often referred to as SW FL PODS. Lot's of bumps in the road; reality lessons at this level for me as well.

SW FL PODS Angels is a support organization where I help families as I can who are dealing with disability issues. Actually this has been overwhelming at times. The needs of families here in SW Florida are staggering as agency's are over worked and under paid.... so people tell me... LOL I have not once received a paycheck for what I do. SW FL PODS Angels has not had any funding for years outside the Cape Coral respite grant and a small donation to complete the Holiday party. So for ZERO pay/salary I provide hundreds if not thousands of community service hours to families. Often taking from my families limited monthly budget to make it all work. Some times people feel I do not do enough. I wear out, the needs are grand. I have my household which must always be priority.

Without going into long drawn out explanation I have decided to leave this blog for my family life, my love for what I do personally. I will pick up on my PODS blog and do more blogging for PODS issues in there.

I need to run, 2 kids at Doc, Jordan woke with Croup and it is bread delivery morning... St Patrick's Day and therapy at the house not to mention celebration Dinner just because...somewhere among us we are Irish.