Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Just another day.....a day in the life of me

To bed last night about 11:45pm after the bread run, sorting and preparing for morning deliveries.

4:16 am wake and look at clock...urg
4:45 hear Kiersten's alarm going off non stop... go out to inform her it is 4:45 and her alarm is going off and I do not appreciate hearing it until 5:55 when she ACTUALLY gets up every day. She turns it off by snooze... I inform her it will be going off in 10 minutes.
4:55 I hear alarm about 6 beeps and it is turned off, I hear no movement.
5:05 alarm 4 beeps and off, no movement
5:15 alarm 4 beeps, no movement
5:25 alarm 4 beeps and still no movements.
This continues until 5:45 when my alarm goes off and I get up about 5:50 after 5 minutes of whispers into Jordan's ears about time to get up for school --h too needs his morning routine or he can be a BEAR in the morning. He slept with his Bible (which he carries every where) and he makes sure it is there, tucks it under his arm and says 5 minutes. OK

5:50 am I turn on house lights and inform Kiersten her bus comes in 10 minutes (5 blocks away) so she does her usual, runs to the closet like a crazy person, transforms to clean clothes or just grabs a sweater because she wore what she was going to school in to bed...(NICE :o)) I did not teach her that... brush her teeth and run out the door. Nice healthy wake up for FCAT's

6:00 am coffee brewing, Lucas surfaces to the living room, I call Tressa out and they both begin to dress. I dress Lucas from clothes laid out last night, Tressa starts dressing herself but with one problem..she is trying to put on my underpants... I only wish I was a girls 14. So she gos to get another pair and returns with a size 4T pair...She only wishes to be a size 4T... LOL On the third try she has the right pair and gets dressed. I finished Lucas and he is ready for the bus. He goes to get a toy and plays on the couch, I tie Tressa's shoes help her with her sweater and fasten her harness.. We do hair do's before bed... All about pre-planning. Tressa HATES to have her hair brushed. We nee to get done because we have to finish the book Little to make Tressa's lunch (takes lunchbox)
I return to my bed to get Jordan who has not surfaced freely. He struggles and tells me he wants to stay home. I remind him he needs to bring the wagon to get the bread today for the after school program for the kids. Peanut butter and Bread.. we donate it each week. I tell him if he cooperates he can choose from the bins a snack for his class...He pops up to get dressed. Once out he slacks off and goes to the potty for a long time..comes out and tells me he threw up, he is sick, he needs to stay home. I say "oh I thought you were taking snack" OH YEAH then perks up to get dressed quickly to choose snacks for his class. He finds some with small pieces and then he choose TWO APPLE TURN OVERS... I tel him there is not enough for his class. He informs me he and Lilly will each have an apple turn over together... (his little girlfriend)He is quite smitten by her. Tressa wants to take something for her class so I agree. We put a little something for Lucas' class. Everyone is happy, it is almost time for the bus and I finish Little Bill. Bus comes kids start to board and Jordan realized he left his Bible on the couch. I hear screaming coming from the bus, Steven runs the Bible to the bus and the screaming intensifies. I go out to the bus as the driver was coming to get me. Apparently the last time Jordan tore pages out and pt the pages into his mouth so they will not let him have his Bible on the bus. Oh dear it was not pretty. I strap Jordan in and tell him his book will be waiting for him when he comes home.
The bus is calm they are ready to leave it is 6:40 am..

6:43 am I am pouring a cup of coffee with flavored cream and 2 sweet n lows... a BIG CUP! Steven is up getting ready for school, I look over at my day planner and it says Jordan needs to be at the ENT at 8:45!!!!!!! YIKES....

6:45 I decide I am not well enough to sit in the Doctors office and neither is Emma, it is an annual check and h has no ENT issues so we can re-schedule until next week...his office is easy to get appointments. That day planner next week is scary. Oh well, it will have to work.

7:00 am I make Steven a hot breakfast and allow Kaitlyn to sleep extra since she does the bread run with me. I check emails, decide to blog and sip hot coffee and wipe my nose. Emma is cooing and playing in her bed. She loves her time n the morning to talk to her toys and sing songs with her musical items about her bed.
7:10 Ali needs feed and her water bowl cleaned out and filled.

More coffee, more Kleenex and I'm off to make breakfast for Emma, we need to leave right at the time the middle school bus leaves so we can get bread delivered and b back for morning therapy... (I THINK) I can not remember if it is the 2nd Wed or the 3rd Wed morning of the month... I lost that planner back in December and have not written it back into the new wall one..last month she called m while I was delivering bread to tell me she was at my door.... I want to be back today before start time.

I will catch you up after 9 am when things will break again for me this morning.
This is a very typical calm morning in the Pringle household..Off to wake Kaitlyn and feed Emma.

10:10 am I am running an hour behind.

I was at the after school food program at a bit before 8:30 to drop off peanut butter and bread.

I took two calls one riding out and one riding back from local families in crisis. On of my dear friends is the grandmother to three children who experienced a tragic event the day before yesterday. Their family dog attacked a playmate over to play (6 yr olds) not life threatening but traumatic and serous all the same. The family has some issues to get through over this and poor Grandma is beside herself trying to be the "fixing problems" that she needs to distance herself from for her own health... Be a supportive Grandma I tell her 1000 times a week, do not be a therapist, financial advisor, addiction councilor etc.... she needs to enjoy her years now. So my rescue issues always need my checks and balances as well.

Emma's PT is in our drive...I am late again so it is the 2nd Wed of each month CHECK! on the day planner it goes. Emma did very well in therapy and I have new tasks to work on this next month because she is reaching her goals. Emma still is fighting her cold so as you see in the photo her eyes show allergies and congestion.

My daughter calls, another huge crisis with the friggin mail..... Let me catch you up.. the tax return is lost in the world of return mail. In 4 weeks it has not made it back to dead tax return central in Atlanta. They now have a tracking on it which takes 6 weeks. Once that has passed they will re-issue in her new married name which can be mailed and she will receive at her home. No mail has yet to be delivered from all she has done. AMAZING our postal system can be so screwed up. So that is weeks away but Social Security had already notified IRS the name is changed. The other part was the last IRS call said to just report an address change??? This person said No can do... ax return is going to get fixed in due time. Now her employer changed her pay days and it went out to her in the mail weeks ago to notify her... CRISIS today is that mail never reached her and today was set to be paid bills from a set to b direct deposited payroll.... OUCH! Hate it when that happens... so until Friday she is at the mercy of who will believe her mail story one more time.

I have a local family desperately wanting a baby girl with Down syndrome....she sent me a photo of the most precious little girl ..Enough to make you loose your breath.. I did learn of a little boy in Colorado last night who is 7 and needs a home. I NEED A BIGGER HOUSE!!!! I just do not feel like I can move forward with even thinking of another adoption unless I add on. Well fix issues first then add on... A bigger washer...LOL the washer and dryer I am using are not even mine. Conni had a pair in her garage she wasn't using so she had me use hers until she needs them back. I have a washer that needs repaired??? It is not old just never worked right from the day Kory installed it...I know key sentence Kory installed it.

Therapy done, another cup of coffee and Emma is ready to rest while I take a shower. She will get her bath and then we can start our errands to get laundry soap, baby cereal and diapers. I think that is all I need right now. Well besides a back rub- that would be nice.

I got a call from Connie to use my van to move a couch and chair, I need to get errands done first. SO off to shower I go .......

It is now noon,

Showered actually taking time (shave) Not going there in this conversation. Almost needed to plunge the drain ... It had been awhile the legs could have been rolled with curlers..Eeeeeeewwwwww

Emma is clean and off for a short walk to find two teens in my drive dropping off paperwork and questioning me on how they can help if we are chosen for Extreme Makeover: home edition. I gave them the email to the casting producer. Gosh darn, I had it out of my mind a few days.... They watch the show and had so many comments about how it could be 2 story and the slide from one floor to the next with boys bedrooms..??... I missed that show I think??? They were cute High School girls from big Brothers Big Sisters which have had contact with my children for a few years. So look out Lindsay they got pretty excited to get a team of teens to write to volunteer.

I was working on a letter to seek Internet group help..I will post here and now I need some healthy food, too much coffee and I get a bit hyper. Emma is napping, I will prepare lunch. Oh, I didn't mention I have done 2 loads of laundry since I woke up, dish washer is done and while showering I scrubbed the toilet and straighted up my 2X2 bathroom (very small) the best I could.

Dear families of children who have experienced open heart surgery, or anyone willing to help out. I am working with MAT (Medical Advocacy team) bringing children into the USA for heart surgery on charity missions from countries where they will die if they do not get our help. I need to locate Cardiovascular surgeons and Children's hospitals who accept Charity care for International children. My focus is getting hearts of children with Down syndrome fixed so that they can be reunited with birth families or adopted in their country if possible to help expand the education and experiences our children with Down syndrome provide to their communities. The MAT mission is for all children.

We are happy to report our first approval of a little girl 1.5 yrs of age with Trisomy 21 needing a complete AV canal repaired will be coming from Haiti as soon as all the paperwork is completed for her medical VISA.

If you would call your surgeons practice and ask if they do or know of a group or hospital who do; CHARITY CASES FOR INTERNATIONAL CHILDREN, we can take it from there if their answer is anything but no. :o) Many hospitals are connected to civic organizations who need paperwork filled out to get a child into a program that is linked to a specific medical facility. Right now we are focused on hearts. Any help is appreciated ten fold. Please email the contact information if you get a yes, maybe or we need more information.

Mary Beth Pringle

Remember International, INC.
the Medical Advocacy Team
PO Box 340
Albany, OH 45710

now off to make a healthy lunch

afternoons and evenings are busy and blogging was not an option so it is actually now Thurs, morning for m to catch you up on how the rest of my day (yesterday) went.

I did have a good lunch, ate while Emma slept and I did work on line.

Emma woke and I fed her lunch, she is such a picky eater, I am not use to that. She had all the "P" fruits the first year to balance her stools to keep her from constipation so she has that taste for sweet. Green veggies are not going in so well.

Bath, and dressed for her therapy afternoon. She is laughing all the time any more, makes for such fun.
Laundry kept going,

Keirsten home at 2:30 from school, not sure how she did on her FCAT. She helped check the fence to be sure no slats came loose and then went to watch the new move from Netflix.
Jordan, Tressa and Lucas came at 3:00 with home work to do. Jordan was frantically looking for a pencil???? This would be odd for Jordan. He has his binder out to show me last months big smiley face on our reading log. Then flipped to a page of smiley faces from other days...then he laid the daily point sheet out and tried desperately to erase the message to me for the day..... Needless to say it wasn't good. He apparently found that having beans and rice the night before gave him entertainment value...YEP! He was positioning himself in from of his teacher and peers and letting one out... PPPEEEEEEWWWWWWW believe me I have been a victim, it is not pretty. So we talked about that and read a story about kids who are bully's.

The kids had snack and I started thinking of what to make for dinner???? I am not feeling up to par so it is not pleasant. Keirsten chose fish sticks (easy enough) Emma is not taking an afternoon map and she has therapy at 4:30 with Ms Jill.
During my afternoon I have a few calls helping get information out to one couple where the husband is collecting adoption information to present the idea to his wife. They had always thought adoption was very expensive and had no idea about adopting from foster care. Another is looking for a little girl with Down syndrome and is looking to possible take the route of international.
Connie came to get the van so we took out seats and I got some cold medication from her which I pray helps dry me up.
I have dinner going, Keirsten laves with Connie, Jacki and my van with the seats on the driveway...and black clouds rolling in....YIKES.
Ms Jill is here, kids need home work checked, dinner, baths Ms. Jill, Lucas has Ms Jan tonight for an hour 6 to 7

7pm they have their bath and come for their medications and then it is their choice for quiet activities.

8 pm TV's off if they are on, lights out.... Tressa never makes it to 8 pm, I find her asleep on her bed with her baby dolls, a game, or whatever her quiet time activity was. Jordan cuddles on my bed and is always asleep before 8 pm. Steven and Lucas I have to turn off their TV and I can hear Lucas always getting back up i the dark to collect light up musical toys. He is very good about staying on his bed so it is no problem, he has many nights of no musical toys as an infant to catch up on. Kaitlyn can be up or down..Last night she chose to watch the Netflix move and fell asleep.. ALl but Kiersten asleep and I laid down and somewhere around 8:30 fell asleep myself... NOW you did not read that the floors got mopped, dishes done or my household responsibilities completed (THEY DIDN'T) but even with Keirsten up wide awake it did not dawn on her to pull the slack.... That Cold meds kicked in for me I guess. So now I blog this and look up to see all the last night cores waiting for me.... But I am on track today so all is well, no one dies from the house chores not being competed.