Thursday, March 25, 2010

I can not figure out if I want to blog or don't want to blog today. It is one of those bla bla mornings.. The sun is up and packing a bag to head for the beach seems the better plan. Emma has not been to the beach in a long time. Her fair skin means we need to ease into the summer with loads of sunblock. Maybe a Milk bath (sunblock) each morning. It is also necessary to keep that scar ever so slight. She is playing in her new Emma's world play center. (BIRTHDAY GIFT)

Ali is trying to find her place in the will never believe this but she has figured out how to ram the privacy fence and make planks pop out so she can get out... we have several down..I hear I need to self tap screw in to each plank all 137 thousand of much for putting the pretty side out for the neighbors.. if it were turned around she couldn't BUT maybe the method to their madness is strange dogs can't get in??? We didn't have a dog when the fence was installed.

Lucas did fantastic at swim lessons last night, he actually didn't want to get out. What a relief. his is going to be fantastic.... Tomorrow night and then we are switching to Mon Wed classes.

Tressa, oh Tressa.... I haven't blogged since back from our trip. When I got back and had the spaghetti dinner I noticed that the cream cake for the party was missing. HHHMMMMM well I took everything out of the freezer and it was not there I found it empty under her bed. When I asked if she had gotten the white cake with two cherries she said "Actually mom there was three cherries on top" Kn she just said yes I ate the cake right??? So then I said, I thought it was in the freezer for the party? That meas it was very cold and hard.... she said "but mom if you leave it under my bed for a little bit it gets ready to eat" Exploring the conversation she says she got the cake while I was a the MRI, that the older kids forgot to lock the kitchen door (not where the freezer is) and Keirsten was on the computer.... she added "I was very quiet" You can just picture it can't you. PWS

Jordan is doing ok, what is with boys and body functions.. He thinks it is such a great feat to fart when it is the most inopportune moment for me... I mean it smells worse than the county land fill... and he is proud of it. GROUSE!

Steven loves the weather break. I need to clean the pool and get that fixed -up and running again. Remember Ali chewed the filter hose..Gotta love her! I am working on bring her indoors full time but who knows...I hear her drinking out of the toilet..YUCK..she has her own water cooler...(dog one) The sand on my floor and all her dog hair will I get use to this???? Also the flip flops that have been chewed, well pretty much everything now put away has been chewed.