Friday, March 5, 2010

It has been a rough couple of days. We seem to skate by with min. to no medical issues and then pow! Tressa's results will require surgery. It is a three day stay in St Pete which we will begin to set into motion on the 23rd. Then, if we last until the 26th Jordan will have an MRI.. He is loosing memory and today I got a call he is drooling from the left side of his mouth and his left eye is more droopy than usual (it is his lazy eye) He continues to have random movements of his arms and legs during sleep times although with all info to the Doc we will hold to the 26th unless more Nero things come up; then to ER for a Nero work up. That starts local at Health park. Other than annual orthodontic, eye and ear appointments this month we are on course. Thank goodness Lucas' Nero went smooth. He did say we could choose medication but really none have proven real successful for the self stem issues and because we do see improvement in the lessening of them it can be modified with behavioral supports.. I am the least amount of medication possible is the route to go. Keirsten is getting her pre- camp items done. She took the CPR class today with Mandie and I. She needs a couple more to complete.

I am looking forward to our trip to the ranch this month. It will offer me some down time. I will have many parent picking my brain; that is what I enjoy. Being able to share what I know and learn from what others are doing is exciting to me.

I hope to have info on the little girl from Haiti soon as well. It will be an inner joy to my heart to see this happen. "spiritual high"

Therapy tonight, a good night sleep, Mandie tomorrow and I plan to nap, relax and put my bedroom back together and clean out the van. I do not believe it will get warm enough to fix and fill the pool. A park visit possibly. Need to fix dinner, Kaitlyn is spending the night at her friends so after her therapy and dinner I need to drive her for her sleep over.