Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I get up late, my PALM PRE' has no sound...no alarm. The kids can not get ready in the manner I would want because today is class picture day.

I drive the Elementary kids to school, Kirsten (16 yr old) says she doesn't feel good, doesn't want to go to school. I leave...

I get home to a house of black smoke. Steven has put his coffee cake in the oven at 500..... and he did not remove the bread I had in there for making bread crumbs... Not a pleasant smell. I wake up Keirsten AGAIN, she seems "startled" as she wasn't asleep...yeah right.

Clear house of smoke, get next set of kids dressed and make new coffee cake...and the middle school kids are out the door with some stress...

Phone rings, a good friend needs to vent about her family issues (dysfunction moving to function) I am directing this family to some better communication to avoid so much drama..

BEEP IN... A friend from the past is in crisis.. a neighbor of hers has been supporting a pregnant woman she met at TACO BELL in hopes she could adopt the unborn baby... Birth mom did drugs last night and plans to deliver at home RIGHT NOW to avoid DCF involvement. I tell them; STOP! Get mom to the hospital even it means calling 911--she is in labor. They choose to drive to the hospital and yep...they didn't make it. 911 an ambulance is on the way baby is crowning and thy are having a baby road side. NOW, the woman who wants to adopt this baby boy is wanting an attorney, NOW??? YIKES... I call Mikal. It is passover, I get another attorney. My phone is ringing off the wall... I give all the information to the new attorney and pass the issue off to the professionals. The social worker at the hospital called to get details and all is in the right hands.

Next call a woman wanting to adopt a child with Down syndrome is seeking direction.

Next email with the little girl with Down syndrome in Haiti, must get more info..Email out and found some great leads, I THINK WE WILL FIND HER NOW!!! I am praying every second I get that God opens that path.

Call from a parent seeking advice raising a child with bipolar... I am whooped!

On the phone with sprint...they want 100.00 to replace my palm pre' which has NEVER EVER worked properly and they know it because I have been calling since I got the phone. URG..... OMGoodness you will not believe this...my phone just rang. I kid you not while on the phone with sprint the darn thing rang (I was using Mandie's phone) That is exactly what happened when I took it to the repair shop. It would shut off when I answered a call...I took it to the shop and it worked perfect.

I needed a break...I went shopping and I am home now.