Tuesday, March 9, 2010


When I bought my house it had a nice quality chain link fence. It was 4" high and worked for years. When Steven grew up to be able to look over the fence he realized he could also climb over the fence and perfected that to a step hop and over in seconds... off down the road to adventures and beyond... after a number of search parties with the fine officers of the Cape Coral Police Department and a number of neighbors concerned about a little boy singing You are my sunshine while enjoying one of their beverages from their garage refrigerator it came time to replace the chain link fence with an 8' slick Privacy fence...The cost was well over my annual income. well half... then the state came to my rescue and helped in placing the fence not only where the chain link fence went but up to the front of the home so that bedroom windows being climbed out were encompassed with the protection of ENCLOSURE... UNTIL TODAY!!!!

Jordan some how for some reason tested his powers at punching down a section of the fence one plank at a time causing CHAOS with dogs, kids and neighbored calm.... Our dog ran right through to notify the neighbor dogs she escaped and our backyard is the PARTY yard full of kids and "stuff" I heard screaming as dogs were in and out excited rising the excitement of neighbor children and all was total CHAOS... Handy Dandy Mandie was our savior along with Keirsten and some wide clear packing tape.. once we got dogs out, dog in, kids in... Ali went to time out in the bathroom...LOL the kids got a kick out of "time out" for Ali... (only for safety) and we taped the planks back to the fence posts... see photo. SO what now... I did see down the road this yard encompassed by a concrete wall and screen to top the yard. This would salve our issue having one child allergic to mosquito saliva and the no escape plan.. Now I am sure this project will be well over my annual income plus some.... :o(