Tuesday, March 9, 2010

House hunting dreams

I am not sure if any of my followers are in this market but if you are please do not get offended as I poke fun.. having a moment to pick up a free in the lobby take along home purchase guide I was shocked simply blown to a sitting position. The first page had homes not under 100M the third or forth page of this 12" by 14" magazine had a home about 11M and then as you moved to the later pages you could find 3M then 1M homes LOTS OF HOMES.... Sorry for your luck, if the home was 600K it wasn't in the status of having a photo only a tiny 3 line info cube and many pages of those like personal ads stacked on top of each other..LOL

OK, If you are in the market to buy a oh say 17 to 14 MILLION DOLLAR home please do not tell you you pick up this paper and look through it like I did.....The 100M buyer please.... I can not IMAGINE the thought of even beginning to shop for this market. You see my mind goes this way... The home which is 3 M could hold say 50 kids....and caretakers....the grounds were perfect for activities and gust houses... so in the market for a 17 M I buy the 3 and spend 3M getting the house full of children and my goodness I have 11 M to invest to cover expenses for a life time... OK, I am not capable of even dreaming....

This magazine is now in my trash... almost felt I shouldn't, possibly I will pull it out and run it up to the Duncan donut on the corner wouldn't want that shopper to miss his opportunity to see the home of h is seeking to purchase.... OMGoodness this blew my mind.

I have had a bad head cold today, Emma as well and Mandie showed up feeling the same an me.

I slept until about 2 PM from say 10ish. This morning Emma was a mess and I hadn't had much sleep since she was not able to sleep through the night well. I got medication in her this morning to dry up her running nose and about 2 hours after we napped we were sitting on the couch and this horror look came across her face. I was a bit taken as she looked like she was scared to death. I shake her a little to say what? what? She dos a low deep in the throat cough and seems scared to death but looses a mucus plug from sleeping with her mouth open she could just cry. Poor thing had no idea what just happened to her little body. She went back to sleep with me and woke when Mandie got her at noon. I slept on until 2. I am not 70% even but it helped.