Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I want to be very careful not to hurt any one's feelings but my son has his school team wrapped around his finger with master manipulation!!! and he seems very proud of it!

If you have been following, Jordan has "lost memory" since about Christmas. He has not been able to do much of what he knew last year and the year before. He has growing delays from things like writing his name to telling red from green and a circle from a square... all things he knew hands down.

We have notified his medical specialists who are scheduling tests, we are watching every move to be sure the Dandy Walker isn't presenting to move to a splint, we are all treating Jordan with extra care because it is concerning and then TODAY...

Today he slipped.. In speech last Friday he counted to five easy as pie in a game he played with Ms Jill, Sunday he counted to eight jumping on the trampoline for Ms Jan. Today with all the concerns Ms Jill brought back some fun activities all based around colors, shapes and counting.. as he moved through his speech session today she praised him for all he knows. They called me into the room to display all his abilities, then Ms Jill praised him for being so smart and knowing all his colors, numbers and such a smart boy...... He loud and clear said " BUT NOT AT SCHOOL I DON'T" I KID YOU NOT....Because Jill and I were shocked and I am sure our faces showed it, he laughed and make light of what he just disclosed...LOL

I am going to see if lightening the load as the IEP has all been changed to lighten the learning then we can pick it up here and see what happens. He is a hoot... I am not discounting this could b a day on and some days off situation because we did see some drool here at home today but clearly he knows something is going on from him not "doing" all he has the ability to do in school....his is a watch and learn journey.