Monday, March 22, 2010

It is hard to believe that is has been since Wed that I posted. Some small amounts have been placed on facebook but it has been a fast paced life for the past few days. a blurrrrrrr... no memory at this moment.

Friday I woke at 5 am to be at the Out Patient Surgery for Jordan at 6:30 am Yes I have not forgotten we are leaving for a mini vacation TODAY.... The spot opened and so they called last minute to put him in. They tell m that it is 2 hours.. I have an appointment for Emma at 9:15 at the lung specialist. She gets a synergsis shot monthly. Well, we go in a tad behind schedule. Jordan isn't liking this at all. I pray he calms so they can get good results on the MRI with contrast. The times seems long but he comes out and over to recovery. The nurses all know me so they where willing to let him leave shortly after getting to recovery. We drove straight to the next appointment with Jordan a bit out of sync. The shot wait was incredibly long and then we were put way behind schedule. Mandie is meeting us at the house at 10:30 to be on the road by 11. It is now 11. As I pull in Mandie is pulling in with all the items needed for Sundays #@! event for World Down syndrome day. We unload hr car, finish loading my van and pile in with movies for the road. The frog and the princess... except it will not run in my DVD player in the van. YIKES Scoobi Do to the rescue.

The drive up was uneventful for the most part. Back roads do not allow for many McDonald meltdowns. We are heading to a DUDE ranch in the middle of no where USA. Mandie is having some axiety as we are attending a BBQ she fears will be a hog roast and a Rodeo which she isn't sure she will be able to view without PTSD. So she is preparing for the worst - hoping for the best. LOL

When we get there the room is smaller than we thought so 9 people in one motel room with 2 beds...You get the picture. Next time it will be a cabin as they are right there..This was our first stay at this annual conference which all others brag about. The first time any where for us is usually hit and miss as we learn the hard way what we need to do NEXT TIME... so we have it down for next year. That is if we can go. The conferences get rather costly and this year we were funded by extended family THANK YOU!!!!!! It is a ax deduction to have it paid directly to the conference which is a 501C3 so it helps for people giving to have credit even is we are "family" It was a win win situation. Photos tell that story.

SO Friday we went to meet everyone, saw the country and line danced into the night.
Sat up early for conference and kids to have YIP and YAAP time. (that is what the respite rooms/programs are called) LOL

Sunday up early to pack the van and head home by noon for therapy and mom to unload the van of mini vacation to load for 321 event set up.

321 event (spaghetti dinner) went ok, a low show but enough to make it a good time. It also gave a couple dollars for much needed media items for PODS is lacking bg time..

I am beat, Emma is waking, Lucas and Jordan had early morning eye speciality appointment and Jordan needs new glasses and keep patching the right eye. Lucas' eyes are better and does not need to wear his glasses this year...YIIIPPPEEEE one out of glasses... SUPER.