Sunday, February 28, 2010

I know, I am slackin'

I have no huge news to share. The weekend was wet and cold so most of us stayed in PJ's all day each day. The Sail didn't go for rain, cold and wind. I didn't make it to a meting because Lucas decided to vomit all over the dinner table as I had them all set up for dinner...NNNIIIICCCCEEEEEE.... ended everyone appetite. We watched movies, played games, Tressa counted Penny's ALL WEEKEND...Steven' played outside and has Ali retrieving the Chuck it balls with lots of force. She really goes after it and returns quickly. Jordan well as we bundled under covers he was outside in underpants and a jacket. Not a long jacket at that. Emma is confused about all the extra clothing and tries to wrestle it off. Kaitlyn has loved Mothering the crew..

Mandie came back to work Saturday and said she really missed the kids in a strange way..LOL The day seemed difficult for her as it always is for me first day back from time off. I have had two weeks off and come home on a weekend to feel like I was kicked in the gut and would just want to get in he fetal position and cry...Wondering how do I do this.. Now if I am gone for a period of time, I return on a school day so I can adjust. I am trying to get away while the kids go to cap this summer....HHHmmmm how will that all work out for me???

Since we have been in and not gone anywhere I am in REAL NEED for supplies. Tomorrow is going to be a huge restock day for this place. I really need to price dryers too.. My dryer on it's last leg is telling me the game is over, he needs retired. You can only imagine I go through appliances a bit more than the average Mama bear.. I have yet to find the mighty appliance for the Pringle crew.

Jordan decided today he wanted to put up the Christmas tree. ??? We always get a real tree so not sure what he was thinking.