Wednesday, February 10, 2010

It is Wed. nothing on my calendar... means nothing in my world.

Last night I had the charity bread pick up so this morning I deliver day old bread where it can be used to feed the hungry. Today I dropped at an after school program. I stopped at Walmart to get a very large peanut butter can so they can make peanut butter sandwiches for the after school (latch key kids) I was amazed. I but the large regularly PB which is about 3.40 and this HUGE Huge can is 8.00 I need to get that for our house. It is plain creamy and my kids prefer the Honey roast.. they can deal. Any way as I delivered the bread I took all the soup labels and a ton of "junk" from the shed to the art department which they were excited to get...empty baby food jars/plastics, tiles, cardboard, wallpaper, etc As I am finished I get a cal...Mary? Yes, I am sitting in front of your house...........OOOOppps PT only comes once a month and it is today. Se why my calendar isn't really working for me.

I want to share a funny make you laugh moment but it is a little R know raisin young adults is one thing, raising young adults with Down syndrome is yet another... HONESTY in it's core!
Steve was eating breakfast, he had his action figures next to him, you know the ones that transform into all sorts of things.. He is playing when done with breakfast so I encourage him to get ready for his bus. He stand up and has a firm erection straight out pocking his PJ' out OBVIOUSLY! He looks down at the PJ's and looks at me with a squint moth shape and says "WOEW" I cover my eyes and tell him, Not for me to see... He says with surprise "It's my penis" LO I try so hard not to laugh out loud, and say yes it is. Maybe you need to pee. Now, go get dressed. OMGoodness.... how do you not crack up laughing???? The whole WOEW was said with pride. LOL
You know me I call Dr. and he laughs and says it is NATURAL, and because he has limited cognitive ability he wasn't "embarrassed" right away to release it... He then asked if I was looking for a fix for it..I laughed and said yes, a pill please... He laughed and said, not happening.

Pt therapy went very well for Emma, we have the rest of our day to clean our room so I need to hop off here and get her busy..LOL I wish, she has so many clothes and our room is catch all for much of the over flow... I am avoiding, can you read (see) ...Gotta run.