Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The kids had a four day weekend. We planned to go to Bush Gardens on Monday which ended up being the warmest day of the 4 day weekend. We left the house at 7 am to meet Mandie by the interstate, then traveled to Tampa which is about 2 hours. The par opened t 9 am. e were there shortly after. The traffic was min. parking was a breeze and with passes it is free. We cashed in our on line prints of 2 year passes, purchased 5 children and one adult all day food passes for food and drink. Then went to guest relations for their pass to get tickets to leave line and return. Waiting in the line is CRAZY for Lucas and Jordan especially.
We entered with a plan. Mandie goes to Bush Gardens often so she had a plan. It is too cold for any water rides and the kids all understand there will be no water rides today. The focus is ROLLER COASTERS, riding all of them. Th day was smooth, we moved through the park with ease and made it to all the roller coaster. All the children went. it was not the best trip for Emma or Lucas well to be honest for any would we say it was the best trip.. The air was cool and Emma stayed bundled, although with the family she really did not know she was in a "theme park." Lucas needs more hands on. The rides by animals were not for hi,. He focused on the truck, train car etc...he couldn't look out to the animals in a moving ride. He sucked his tongue or blinked, played with his fingers..He did not "see" animals. In the bird area he would have if they hadn't run out of nectar so we learned a lot about each of their needs. Emma will have a blast when it warms up and she can sit in the water and splash. Lucas needs a petting zoo area and in the bird area when they have nectar. The birds knew we did not have any and fooling them was not possible so the birds were with other people and not willing to go to the kids without nectar. Lucas really watched them but none would get on his arm. I saw the interest but he just couldn't engage without up close contact. He couldn't feel, hear touch or taste...He needs all that. The older kids have the path down and will be all about hitting BG without the little guys..SO our plan is to take a day and go up without Lucas and Emma to speed through the park and see shows, do all the rides (warm/water) and be non stop for the day. I am not sold on the all day food, seems like too much time in food lines. I usually took self contained bucket lunches, fruit and veggies, sub sandwiches we could stop, eat and get right back on the path. The food is heavy for them French fries with everything, chocolate deserts..HEAVY! HEAVY! HEAVY! Steven loves the musical shows he caught a glimpse as we were leaving but the little ones were cold and we needed to get to the van. Emma was amazing. She was not pleased that her bottles were not warm, she would not take the whole this is fruit salad...milkshake. She would look at me like; what the heck???? and not drink her bottle which had her fruit in it because I forgot cereal and with her reflux giving just formula would have meant spit up and burning of her throat.cranky baby...but here nor there the fruit in the bottle didn't really pull it through.. lots of Binky sucking and sleeping as a form of denial...She ate a nice big warm bottle with cereal when we hit the door at home.

No school Tuesday, teacher in service day and we need to plan for COLD mornings along with school back in session so early wake up and getting book bags ready, house together.