Tuesday, February 9, 2010

OH NO!!!!!!!!!

My morning started some time in the wee 1 am hours when Kaitlyn is screaming as if we had a home invasion.. Apparently Keirsten and Kaitlyn switched sleeping areas. Keirsten has been removed from the girls room for late night eating and leaving food in Tressa's reach. I guess their bonding yesterday got some sort of not approvd by mom plan to oust Kaitlyn to the couch but Kaitlyn when awoke at 1ish lost her mind... Keirstn being the 16 year old she is with ADHD and no meds in her system at 1 am fought back in words.. OMGoodness it was like the roof lifted and all I could feel is all the children up ... I race o settle the dispute. If you know Kaitlyn once she is angry she is out there... She wants nothing to do with Keirsten now and wants to sleep in the empty bed in the boys room since Jordan is usually in my room.. What a mess and it is pushing 2 am. I know something is not right but I am afraid if I push I am going to have a house completely awake.. Back to bed.. YEP!! LAUGHING hysterically is Lucas, Steven and Kaitlyn P-A-R-T-Y in the boys room. OK, I put the mommy voice in action and I think it worked. Morning was rough for Kaitlyn, everyone else is off with little trouble. I see grape or purple something on Tressa lips and some spilling over but you know her answer...it is dinner mom, just from my dinner. Well we had nothing purple. Off to school sh goes, a clean sweep of the room will show what is purple.

So I NEED COFFEE... this is where the Oh No comes in... I grab the empty pot pour cold water in it and it CRACKS.... Someone turned on the coffee pot empty!!

I look outside and Ali (dog) is having a hay day with the pool hose!!! THE POOL IS HALF EMPTY as water is squirting out the house in hundreds of teeth marks....