Wednesday, February 3, 2010

100% over 90% of his semester, GO JORDAN!

The power of positive praise continues to be the best form for behavioral modifications in Jordan's life. As you can see he brought home his report card. He has almost all 100% days. I AM SO PROUD OF JORDAN and HIS SCHOOL STAFF!!!!

Jordan just a couple years ago was thought to be a lost case and needed to be placed in a secluded classroom with small amounts of children where he could get more one on one attention. In that thought I fought back saying his behaviors model what he sees. I could see in in all aspects of our lives. We got a puppy and he would potty outside exactly like the do. He scratched like the dog. He would act like a teacher, he mimicked teacher actions at home, he wanted to do house keeping tasks and modeled after all those tasks. If he saw a negative he did it as well and as Jordan is he like to do things better than others.SO in my opinion it wasn't that Jordan needed taken away from the General education Students, I felt he needed more time with the better behaved general education students all over campus. He will learn to his highest potential by being a good human and in the mix of natural learning environments. IT HAS WORKED. I am so proud of everyone who stepped out of the box and believed in Jordan. For those who understand ESE, Jordan is the ONLY child in his school on alternate assessment so that gives you an idea how far outside the box it took to get this school to experience this success.

I think it is important as well to let you know if you don't the details.

Jordan has Down syndrome along with severe ADHD added to that and most critical he has Dandy Walker spectrum which appears to moving into Dandy Walker. He has lost much of what he learned, he is loosing his ability to write his name consistently, it is hit or miss each day if he can remember which is a number or a letter. He is fully included in the second grade general education classroom and is reported to be the most helpful and well behaved in his class of TYPICAL children.

Jordan goes out to speech and misses a little of the beginning of recess where his class friends will wait to play until he arrives. His para professional reports that the children will be anxiously waiting next to the gate to see Jordan come down the sidewalk and off to play as soon as they all get together. THAT is why I want him included.