Wednesday, February 24, 2010


OMGoodness you all have NO IDEA, I think to say I slept the entire night all alone in my own bed ...gosh since 1997 THE FIRST TIME!!!! Emma was in her bed in the room but I WAS ALONE IN MY BED!!!!! Oh my back doesn't hurt and I am well rested!!!

If you read the last post, Jordan went on the bread run with us last night. Usually just Kaitlyn and I go and Jordan is asleep(IN MY BED) but last night he went and got this big fireman bag given to him. HE SLEPT all night on the couch next to his new fireman bag!!!! Little did I know the plan was to use it for a school bag...this is a mighty big bag not doable for the bus or for him to carry all day...not a school bag. I knew that Fireman was my night in shinning armor the minute I looked into his eyes.....LOL .... yes my friends he was 1/2 my age (JUST HOW I LIKE EM' LOL) He will never know he gave me the best night of my life in a very long time- a peaceful good nights sleep in my own bed....