Monday, February 22, 2010

No pictures on the blog this week... Mandie is in Orlando and has my camera so they could get some quality family shots. I have my phone for those photo moments which I have loaded facebook with.

Jordan is home this morning, last night he could not get his body to rest so he is very tired this morning. I went in normal time and he got up, then down, then up and around 10 asked if he could take a bath... I don't know, maybe a hot bath would have helped because my decision to say no sure didn't. Then with him up and down little miss Emma thinks she might be missing out so she gets up, and if she is up she wants fed. No treat, a jar of green veggies and boy did I get the look of "you are not a nice mom" She is not liking the veggies since life started with "P" foods to keep her regular she ate peaches, pears, prunes all the time. Now she acts like if I do not add sweet fruit she isn't eating.. need to nip this because we are veggie eaters.

Now a week of staying mentally busy to avoid drifting into dreams...LOL I got WONDERFUL news that Grandma and Granddad are supporting the conference for Tressa to go to the ranch with her friends...VERY EXCITING. I can not tell her until near time to go or she will be OCD and school will suffer. Last week she made break through at school doing work independently with her support person not on campus.. She stayed in her seat, stayed focused and did her project!! WRITING PROJECT!! That is major progress.

I also got a beautiful email from a local mom who is considering adopting a child with Down syndrome. She had thought about it in the past and learned about our family, then read my blog!!! now emailed and is very motivated!!! I sent her to reecesrainbow which is the hook that doesn't let go of ones heart. I hope to meet her soon and be life long friends.

My friend who was released from the hospital and needed to stop smoking I am happy to report has not smoked!!! I am so proud of her.

I am on to a new project, not that I have dropped any of the past. Keirsten has shown interest in going over to another country and helping with the children in an orphanage. She wants to experience this and I am supporting that idea whole heartily. I researched one organization and have a few friends who have done this work in the past collecting some info. Beings we live on a tight budget it requires low air fares and reasonable costs which can be fundraisers... My kids know all about fundraising.LOL I think $500 for adults and $200 for kids is great to experience this. Those prices are all expenses once there, we pay airplane tickets. I plan to pack a bookbag with the weeks items and a suitcase to leave behind with 50lbs of donations. Maybe 2 if we can get funded. I am looking at June so it doesn't get into the heat of summer but it is not etched in stone yet...It will be Keirsten, Kaitlyn and myself with 9 others making us a group for better rates. I wish I had this opportunity when I was a teen.

Well I have a TON of laundry to catch up on and with the dryer not working properly it is a lot of hanging and sorting... so I better start on household chores so I stay as much on task as possible. praying I stay calm, at peace this week, flying solo. LOL