Tuesday, February 9, 2010

MEDS CHECK AND PHYSICAL AND RECHECK...Emma needs to see cardiologist asap..Thur 3pm for a heart check to be sure the murmur is not sign of leakage. Steven's heart is good, Emma has her first tooth almost through, leave it alone, Tressa has less white cell count in urine, only to have showers and re-check, looks good otherwise. Keirsten is to take meds regular and she needs to put forth effort to stop the sad girl attitude she was clearly showing him she still has all over her...T-H-E-R-A-P-Y! Steven's meds upped 5 ml and possibly he can focus more. Today he has marks on his neck he can not explain, like earth to Steven, come in Steven... Dr says it happened today... school says he said it was Jordan which would have had to have happen last night. Dr says no way.. Steven changes his story to Kailtyn, then I do not know... URG! I know the school doesn't want liability, I really could care less other than it doesn't ever happen again and to get there I need to know where it happened and if possible by whom...Makes me crazy with a child who has a 1:1.....................WHERE IS SHE????????????????? Earth to 1:1...your job is to watch my child while in his educational setting.....Bus aide...HHHHEEEELLLLOOOOOOO this was not on his neck at breakfast, I think I would have noticed..

Emma is cranky so off to sooth a teething baby girl about to get OT....fun fun