Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Our Sunday doing family volunteer time Give a day Get a day

Our weekend was FULL and we are Disney ticket holders today. I wasn't sure how it was going to go. We signed up for a volunteer event that would allow Lucas to participate and he is 6 years old. We got the confirmation and the welcome email explaining we needed to come prepared, Pants, tennis shoes, rakes, shovels AND HAND SAWS..... Yikes! I emailed back that I would not allow my children to hand saw. I reminded them of their needs since I am a single mom coming with six children we want to paint?? clean up?? some of the no danger tasks. A saw in my kids' hands I could see that I shouldn't sign the "waiver" LOL

The Sunday morning went somewhat smooth. We planned which means things were laid out, (like a school day) I had Emma's diaper bag packed and things frozen for snack. I volunteered to take along another family so they could get their volunteer work in. They came in the morning and we packed sandwiches and fruit. Last minute I boiled up some veggies which would work for Lucas as well. The OCD in all of them was strong...."DISNEY" work.. we must have said 100 times we are not going to Disney today. Our OT which usually comes noon until 6 pm on Sundays so she came at the break of dawn to see the kids before we left at 11:30 am. Drop Emma to Mandie and off we go.

We got to the site early, signed in and they were ready for the Pringle's We were in charge of a camp site clean up.. I am not sure if any of you have been to a very CLEAN neat perfectly maintained Girl Scout camp but I was a bit confused when they gave all the kids bags to clean up trash.. THERE WAS NOT A SPOT OF TRASH.. So we saw rakes and large garbage bags..We raked up pine needles into large garbage bags and it didn't take much. One scrape and it was a pile.. piles into garbage bags...You know this is great for building fires so this is NOT really what they want don at a camp site but we would run around the back of the brush line and dump the bag of pine needles... BUSY WORK and then the bathroom windows and mirrors a little mopping and our leader said Thank you so much for being such good rakers...We wet back to the check in and checked out. The kids were so excited...

We get in the van start back to Cape Coral. It wasn't long when tears started to flow, screams "NO, WE DO NOT WANT TO GO HOME, NO MOM NO" it came clear very quickly they thought...we did the work, we are going to Disney..... Let me just say...I took THREE Tylenol head ache medication when we got to the house. I ran through Mc Donald's for a dollar fry for the worker bee's. Now to show them a calendar for June and July when we have conferences in Disney for Family CAFE and National Down syndrome Congress convention. If you want to purchase the kids a Disney Character breakfast or something extra, I have the confirmation number and you can call to add any treat to the week vacation in July if you wish.