Friday, February 5, 2010

Everybody loves baby girls, remember they will have PMS

As I sit here this morning with a make shift smile plastered across my face I remind myself how much I love baby girls. Lace and flowers, pink and purses, fancy shoes and frilly scarf tea parties... Oh those were the days when Katie was so precious..Precious I believe are the words I used back them so I am going there in my mind this morning...I am in a moment..a memory where the days where filled with sugar plums and fairytale dreams all true.... I remember those days...when I could spend hours on her hair placing beautiful daisy's all through her long golden strands of straight well brushed and cared for hair and she left them alone, when I got to select the frilly over done girly girl outfit and she never said a word...I remember asking her do to helpful things and without any talk she was happily go to help mommy, I remember being called mommy....I remember....


NOT TODAY..... "I hate you Mom" "You are so mean Mom" "I am telling Mrs. Peach on you Mom" Yes it is three days before the monthly flowering... she is PMS..ING!!!! It all started when her book bag she so loved from Aeropostale came home torn to shreds because the bag was so heavy for her she was dragging it..I thought..Lets separate her items to match the classes for each day. She is in block scheduling so she has science, language arts, history and art today. I took all those subjects and info that goes for those classes and put into one book bag, pencils and etc. Then in another book bag I put Math, reading and band OMGoodness the girl went off the charts crazy on me. I showed her each schedule how neatly I had things and how much lighter the load is.... She had no time for listening she went right into her rant about I should leave her stuff alone. GO AWAY! Whey, the bus just came..have never been so relieved to have KATIE get off to school...LOL Mydol I am on my way to purchase you!