Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I am stuck on the abortion issue just because a baby has Down syndrome

I just need to vent so I can move on with housecleaning... It is stuck in my mind about the pressure to abort an unborn child because the tests show the baby has Down syndrome. I had a conversation yesterday that is stuck in my mind. I couldn't stop looking at my kids last night trying to make sense of WHY, why would Doctors pressure a person to kill one of these children...Why??? I can not See the pain they put upon a parent, I can not see the limited mental ability, I can not see the limited social acceptance, I can not see any physical limitations, I can not see why they shouldn't be right where they are...WHY NOT...

Then my mind goes to is it money???? Does Early steps funds mean more than life? Well I question WHY do we spend billions of dollars to defend murders , we jet set them back to the USA if they leave, we give them attorneys, we provide them suits for court, we feed them, give them medical care, house them, we offer them Justice JUSTICE, THEY DESERVE JUSTICE!!??!!... WE OFFER THE MAN WHO MURDERED HIS WIFE AND CHILDREN IN COLD BLOOD AND ADMITS IT JUSTICE....WHY????? Is it not the mind set we should kill him without Justice??? Why didn't we send the Abortion Doctor to him and just kill him/ ABORT HIM FROM LIFE? We kill baby's every day because they do not measure up to some one's expectations, they dint do anything to be judged....... What the heck has happened to us people.. Does anyone ever consider where we are placing our lives/souls for the future...How this path is a path of pure destruction? Because; WHAT I SEE, is a gift...a gift only could have been provided to me from God. A gift to learn how to stop and enjoy life and love. To show me unconditional love and set me straight what life is really about. Having a person with Down syndrome enter my life was a GIFT; a gift I will never in all my paying it forward measure up to the blessings I have received from having my children with Down syndrome. EVER!