Saturday, February 13, 2010

Time seems to be flying by. I didn't really do much today. My girlfriend was discharged from the hospital and promises never to smoke again. Praying for God to provide her the strength. My other friend who was tending to his Father's funeral all day I sent uplifting text, he didn't respond so what ever. I think it is somewhat of a case of not knowing what you had when you had it and knowing it is gone now...and I do not mean his Father. The kids are excited for it to be Monday and I am hoping the sun warms up Florida for Monday. We are scheduled to go to Bush Gardens for the day and it will not be fun it #1 it rains, and if it is cold. Steven is turning 13 and he chose the rip for his Birthday which is actually next Saturday when we will have a family party BUT our in home support person will be on VACATION....lucky her.

I got an email to see if our family would be interested in a little 7 year old girl... Oh I wish we had a bigger house!!!!She is not a child with Down syndrome and she needs the love and support I could very much offer and I know I have the endurance to pull her through her past...I just know our home today is not what is best for her...sad but true. I put the situation on my facebook and am spreading the word. I got an email back to night which made my heart ache...I know I would be a good mom for her, but that is only 1/2 the equation.