Friday, February 26, 2010

132 days of anxiety......and counting

A 49 year old mom of twelve w/ a newborn; eight have disabilities does not take any medication other than legal caffeine; "pot of coffee" is feeling the grey hairs multiplying rapidly...LOL The peaks and valleys are getting higher and deeper...LOL... Bipolar, environmentally or situationally (I know it is not a real word) induced???? Is that possible????

I can not wait for my in home support to come tomorrow... I have a friend willing to come over and go out for some real adult kids..and maybe even an establishment that doesn't allow anyone under the age of 21???? My goodness I wouldn't know how to act. I figure this means I have to shave my legs???? LOL

Report cards are out. Kaitlyn and Steven came off the bus waiving them with huge smiles... Straight A's for Steven and Kaitlyn is a mix of A's B's and C's. The little ones come in today and High School is mailed.

Emma is not letting me blog...gotta run!