Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I miss my mommy helper.......

OK, it is an hour before I leave for bread duty..the kids are not asleep, the house is not clean and the schedule is OFF..... no more vacations for my mommy helper..LOL

As you saw in my last post, I got a bee in my bonnet...and to be honest that was half what I wanted to say. I am so glad parent to parent support if out here. I am not saying that people do not have choice. My personal belief's are not in this it is about accurate information and knowing ALL OPTIONS. I can give so many experiences I have been face to face with an it breaks my heart hen it is "done" and they tell me, "WE JUST DIDN'T KNOW" This also once where a person decided to adopt year later because she felt drawn to.

In my conversation today so many things come to mind but one very clear thing .... She told me they researched the web and it was puzzling to them that they found a waiting list for people who where WAITING TO ADOPT a baby with Down syndrome...this seemed odd if it were so horrible to raise these children and life was such trouble...Hmmm... I am so happy this couple led with their head and now have a fulfilled heart and are continuing to use their head to educate and enjoy their baby. I gave her this blog and will meet with her to show her surgery photos and talk more later this month.

Now, I MUST get my house together to get on the road for the bread run.... I would love to shower this offie with photos of happy healthy well adjusted families who happen to have a child with Down syndrome in the mix.... Unless anyone has time to picket with me......LOL KIDDING