Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Monday, oh what a day

Keirsten left super early only to miss her bus after an hour and a half...HHhhhmmmm... The second round of children got on their buses excited as it is Valentine's week.. As I get Steven and Kaitlyn ready Keirsten walks in and wants a ride o school...Not happening until the kids are all off to school and I have company coming at 10 am. A young couple adopting 3 orphans from Ukraine who have Down syndrome. I am stressing since we spent the Sunday out cleaning a camp ...means Camp Pringle is a total mess...
I get the bathroom bleached because lord knows the kids bathroom after a weekend is in need of bleach. Off to get Keirsten to school drop off Spaghetti dinner cards to Special Pops and home to have ten minutes to straighten and get Emma on her mat. The couple comes with their little girl and live in Mother. PERFECT MEETING! They knew my family !! Small world we really live in. My heart poured out when he knew my Grand Dad. J.T. FENNELL. although my grandparents are gone they are very much a part of me every day. I hold dear many talks I had with my grandma when I helped her clean her house, and grandpa when he picked up a couple of my teenage mistakes. It was him that got me to Florida to be strong and hold my own to be who I am today. A gift one can not measure other than a deep love and honor to Cherish. It was blessed by so much sharing. They left with a chunk of my Down syndrome lending library to prepare for their coming journey. They will return on Sunday to meet all the children and watch OT work with the children particularly Lucas so they can start working with their three children when they get to the Ukraine.

needless to say to anyone who knows me...My 1pm doctors appointment was upon me when they left. Actually the Mother who had been entertaining Emma and their daughter to offer us uninterrupted time to share information called it over so I could go.. little did she know...lol They have the sign up form for Family CAFE which is critical for new families in Florida. They have reading material and numbers to call to get therapy catalogs coming for items they will want to take with them and have at home.

I grab Emma, change her diaper, no time to bathe or get frilled but the EEG had been rescheduled before and I would go raw...I put on flip flops raked my hair with my fingers, looked in the mirror and said...It is about getting to the Doctors for Emma not beauty! LOL I fill a bottle prop..I DID! SHAME ON ME.. I could reach her but she drank on the go. I THOUGHT I knew where I was going, nope turned the wrong way.. my dog gone phone which I HATE the palm pre' is dead FULLY CHARGED! Crap...I can do this, five minutes..yep, there it is. Grab Emma and than goodness no one in the waiting room. We go in to the lab and it went quick, out in an hour and on our way home... I am going to be home before the first bus (Keirsten) A THUMP TH UM THUMP.. What the heck... I stretch to look in my side mirrors..no one is flagging me down to say anything..I can see the tire not flat..is the tread splitting?? My phone is now yellow from being in it's mode... it is hot and I am not happy what to d??? Push on?? The bridge.... URG! I pull over in heavy traffic oh yes, I tried to get out at the red light in massive traffic to peak under the van...apparently not a good move as most all honked at me... I pull into Bell Tower Mall. IT IS A HUGE SCREW right in the middle of the tire and air is coming out fast... I get a call to Mandie to tell her quick.. move to texting to use less battery. I think think think. and look up there is Firestone..it is now 2:15 the little ones come home at 3.. you know I am not going to make it.. call the neighbors, call Friends, call Mandie and pass the chore to her. call the bus barn call friends.. get word to Keirsten...Oh, you ask...why not just call Kiersten?? She is 16 years old... well because Keirsten has been on the phone 2 am etc..I HAVE THE HOME PHONE HIDDEN IN MY ROOM!!! She has to check it out and return it..WELL right now I wish it was on the base so it would RING!!!! The tire must be replaced and it will be 1 to 2 hours...I explained my situation and she said she would rush it.. Well their rush and my rush do not match. I got out at 4 pm. I did mention I ran out of the house just raking my hair with my fingers, not changing and not cleaning up Emma nor myself all for the sake of medical tests to rule out seizures, too important to miss.......go figure!!! and this waiting room is FULL!!!

Raced home with no phone use, Jordan was crying for me. Lucas had no nap at school so he was sleeping,and the girls were jamming to music doing their hair. Dinner and back on schedule to get to bed on time and start all over again...today.