Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Today was a blessed day. I got a call form a family who will be going to the Ukraine to adopt 3 small children with Down syndrome and is seeking to get as much information as possible now. I made a date with them next week.

The morning started out rough and some events just make it necessary to laugh. Tressa went to the Van to get her glasses case, left the door open and Lucas escaped while Was finishing the necessary lunch and back pack packing..I hear Kaitlyn yell at him "Lucas, you in trouble" and Seven "Yep, Yep Lucas is in big trouble" then Tressa says "Mom Lucas is running down the road" I take a second to process and go to the door where ALL MY CHILDREN except Lucas are standing watching Lucas run down the road.... I go to ge him and the kids start rattling. Oh oH Lucas is in big big trouble" I yell very deep and loud at about 6 am in my nice quiet neighborhoood ...LLLLLUUUUCCCCCCAAAAASSSSSS....... and he stops and topples over. I get his hand and walk back to the house. I put Lucas in Time out, explain to the kids they need to "get him" not watch him leave... Kaitlyn says "I did" right then I should have put them all back into bed and started over. Lucas has a bloody lip and road rash on the side of his face but he is fine, and in time out until the bus comes. I little chat about the door being open and how to stop Lucas..

The bus comes on time we load the kids on and I give some bread to the drivers for the compound... I am able to breath. I get back inside and start to heat apple turnover for Kaitlyn and Steven at their request. ach a glass of milk and then they eat three donuts ach. Steven goes back for an apricot bear claw and Kaitlyn a last donut and more milk.DOWN DOWN DOWN.. They play and sing waiting for their time for the bus.

The kids are all at school so I load Emma up to go to walmart to make prints of her photos since birth to make a simple scrap book of her first year for her birth Mother. I slide in the SD card and the macine ats it. 9:12 am... I continue to use the other machine and park the cart in front of the jammed machine. I stop several CSM's to let them know about the SD card stuck and tell them I have been here since 9 and it is now 10 but I have more to do so in time..11 am and I get some help. all my prints are on order. I couldn't find some important [hotos so I need to use a memory stick and get them off the sites. Off to the house.

The elementary school calls to tell me Tressa is crying that it hurts to issue we have been living with for years. she las had Ecolu and now this. I am sure we are headed for the blatter reflux test now. She can make it through the day. appointment is st to see her Doctor.

The middle school calls; Kailtyn went to the cafeterial to tell them she was hungry and needed to eat breakfast.. so the case manager talked to Kaitlyn when she was informed MOM DIDN"T GIVE KAILTYN ANY BREEAKFAST.... yes maam, Kailtyn informed the school I did not have breakfast for their growing concern our household is OK they went to check on Steven to see if her is hungry. He informs them he is hungry and when asked if he had breakfast he said NO...NO HE SAID NO.... LOL I tell you these two are a hoot... The conversation was this...Kaitlyn and Steven do you want cereal or pop overs.. ooooh popovers mom....Ok, 1 or 2. Both said two so I put 4 in the toaster over..They then opened the box of donuts,,, LOTS OF IF NOT TOO MUCH TO EAT... I inform the school everything is perfectly fine in our household and I told them to go back to the kids and tell them they talked to mom and about the popovers and donuts... the kids sag a new une.

The high school calls to inform me that piercings are not acceptable at school..........OK..................... none of my kids have "piercings" yes Keirsten has her ears pierced one ONE one time and that better be the only piecing she has when she returns home. I call Mandie to see if she was in the loop of piercings.. Reported to be the tongue. Mandie assures me it is painful and she doesn' believe it to be true Kiersten had a hoop airing in her mouth over the weekend and that brought conversation but said IF she comes home with it then take her to the Doctors. OK, what next.... I call to get counseling scheduled for Keirsten and that is in place and a meds check for the 9th.

Our OT is coming tonight at 6:30 pm because some conflicts came up. She understands families so all is great. Speech canceled until Friday.

We have the sensory movie Saturday which is the Toothfairy which has gotten terrible reviews but who knows.

Sunday is our FAMILY VOLUNTEER DAY, we are scheduled to do to the Girl scout house grounds to do work. At the end of the day we Will all have passes to go to Disney world..YEAH!