Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Maternal Fetal Medicine
of Southwest Florida
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Suite 159
Fort Myers, FL 33908
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Dear Team at MFMSW,

I would like to educate you on recourses in your community which are more accurate on the FACTS about Down syndrome than your office is providing clients.

I have had more than one occasion where couples call me to tell me the outdated, inaccurate information they were provided in your care. I was told today that a woman at 22 weeks was put under strong pressure to abort her unborn child right away due to the baby having Down syndrome. She was provided a list of Florida Doctors who abort up to 24 weeks by you. She was told that the children with Down syndrome do not get past 8 yr old mental level, go to separate schools, do not go to college, and their heart would never be to a point thy could play like other children, with a lost of other inaccurate grim details. MY GOODNESS THIS IS NOT TRUE.. I have 5 children all having Down syndrome, all educated in their neighborhood schools in general education classrooms. Heavens sakes they run and play with the toughest of peers.... where did you get your information? More importantly they have given more love to this community than any other humans I know. By the way Dr. Jacobs out of Tampa is a bit disappointed at your lack of confidence in his ability to repair hearts.

Please send families to get accurate information!!! I will make this my mission to educate Lee County about the LACK of knowledge your office provides to couples learning their child possibly has Down syndrome...By the way, one mom told was having a child with Down syndrome came to me while pregnant and prepared with all the knowledge and her baby was not born with Down syndrome... Please be more accurate, these are peoples lives. When given ALL OPTIONS EQUALLY is the correct way to inform parents, accurate information is best.

Mary Beth Pringle
SW Florida PODS Angels
(Parents of Down syndrome)
Family Support Group, inc.
501(c)(3) organization
3422 SE 11th Place
Cape Coral, Florida 33904
(239) 872-4778