Friday, February 12, 2010

We fed 88 children's hungry tummies...woohoo

I got a nice note from the workers at the school about the donation of peanut butter and delivery of bread which Fed 88 children before going home. What a wonderful feeling. I pick up end of the day bread on Tuesday to deliver to homeless or hungry residence. These children were very thankful. It warms my heart to be a part of this. It takes me about 1 hour of my time and a couple dollars in gas, $8.00 for peanut butter and this is what can be done! Makes me smile.

The weather is colder than usual..not sure the trip to Bush Garden's Monday is going to fly...hhmmmmmm

Heart of Sailing set for the 27th, the kids learn about sailing, actually on the sil boat and doing the hands on work...this is so cool for them.

We will get busy on the walk-a-thon coming up. It is to raise funds for our local orphanage where we hope to see full of children from Haiti to get a break from the chaos in their country so they can heal and get some education while their country is rebuilt. It is a medical home which has been running for years although the need to have full capacity has not been there- thank God! This walk is not my event but I am helping a great deal. I will be best at connecting them to match grants to boost the funds raised. I am excited as I know the Directors and the grounds are perfect for soul healing. The children will heal and learn all about love.

Our spaghetti dinner is just around the corner. Lots to do with that. I am excited that more older families are connecting to the younger families and this is great parent to parent support systems forming naturally.

Tressa has two very good friend her age whom have PWS. One lives in Ft Myers and the other in Orlando. We have a weekend conference coming which is in Florida and on this wonderful Ranch. We are hoping to get things in place to go. As you can See our lives are starting to get very busy.

One of my dear friends is in the hospital with some nodules in her lungs. She has tried to quit smoking for years with me by her side she has done all the pills, patches, shots, hypnosis and anything that offers a chance... I drove her to Tampa a few times to get a series of shots... it hurts me to see her struggle so bad with this. I pray today her mind, the most powerful cure is ready...

Then, today I learn that a friend I had dated for years lost his Father and the funeral is tomorrow. He is North of Tampa and all his family from around the country is here. I am not going, he can call me for support. I do not do well in death situations... I signed the guest book via on line. That counts right.