Saturday, February 20, 2010


Steven turned THIRTEEN this morning; celebration is all about our home today. He wants to color and play today, anyone who knows him knows he is in heaven doing just those activities. I had to peal off his new T-shirt from riding MONTU roller coaster as it has been worn to school and every minute after school he could find it. He is hoping to get a new hat soon. He put his favorite NIKE hat under his legs during the roller coaster ride KUMBA; he was devastated when the ride ended and his hat was gone. He wanted to take the car apart and go places that would not have been "pretty" had he done it. The ride specialist asked if we would come back at 5 pm to seek the hat but it was one of those really nice NIKE hats in the $26 range he got as a gift for Christmas so the likelihood of finding it is not a huge wager to bet on. With the Tampa trip, putting our security on NDSSC conference this summer, new tires, paying off Keirstens braces bill, going to the movies and having their treats, and all the normal household bills to run this place I AM BROKE TO THE BONE this week. I do not like getting to no funds but it was one of those unexpected everything came due or else we would loose out on something... IMPORTANT somethings..we do miss out on lots of somethings but the Important things I try hard to get into the budget.

SO we have a lazy day to meet Steven's wishes today. His preferred was swimming although our pool it COLD and not full. The dog crewed the filter tube so 1/2 the water is out until that project can be tackled It is not hot and sunny today so coloring is a good alternative.

TO catch everyone up with the rest of the family...Emma's birth Mother and I talked on the phone, her photo book will reach her Monday. it was a very pleasant phone conversation. She carried a lot of guilt that was time to release myths that she caused Emma to have Down syndrome/holes in her heart. She is very happy to know the surgery is over and all is well. The red hair is maternal. Emma has a mat. Aunt with the same color of hair and Mat grandma has the strawberry blond gene. LOL No other person in their family has ever had Down syndrome so the birth of Emma was a bit of a jilt to their understanding how it occurs.

Lucas is making great progress all around. He had a growth eval this week. 40 lbs and 41 inches tall. All his labs look great, she noted the growth hormone showed a tad bit low but not enough to note for anything more than lets check it in 3 months. He is growing because the clothes new to be bought larger and his feet are bigger (shoes). She said he looks good to her. The education is amazing..He is speaking, etc. I am noticing a lot more manipulation. When it is time for therapy he begins this horrendous crying jag and it causes therapy to stop..NO NO NO NO NO, so tomorrow I will hold him in position and Miss Jan can manipulate his body because he doesn't cry like that in my care...I do the same therapy after she leaves and he just "does it"

Jordan got ambassador of the week and the T-shirt to prove it...LOL too cute. Tressa did such an amazing job this week her teacher emailed me to tell me how wonderful she did WITHOUT her 1:1 because the 1:1 had a Doc appointment..she dd a project about what I would do if I were President...and she did it solo and a fine job! That would be right up Tressa's alley..."IF SHE WERE TO BE IN CHARGE OF THE WORLD"

Steven is pluggin away loving middle school. Kaitlyn on the other hand is getting into the teen years and OMGoodness...she doesn't miss a beat.

Apparently in her office staff assistant role she is learning about "vacation requests" She places two days "OFF" in her planner this past Thursday and Friday. I had no idea she had done this although on Thursday we had a very upset morning that cost everyone to miss their buses. While taking four kids to get to school, Steven and Kaitlyn missed their bus, I had to get Emma to the Doctor so I couldn't go back to the other side of town..Therefore Kaitlyn got her "DAY OFF" on Thursday as she had put in to her planner requesting "vacation time" LOL Well when Friday morning came and I got the alarm to get the kids up to get their buses; Kaitlyn went nuts on me for waking her up on her "day off" "It is in my planner mom" I question what she is talking about and she said she is taking a vacation, she put it in her planner....Two days off mom! I remembered that Mandie had mentioned something about Kaitlyn's planner so I went to it and sure enough on Thur/Fri she wrote "Off" She told