Friday, January 29, 2010

Adoption Haiti Money Questions

I am a bit puzzled. The past week I have been learning more and more about all angles of Haiti, adoption and the orphans over there.

To adopt it runs 20 to 25K and 518 orphans adopted came last week.

To offer a year of education you can give $250.00 a one time fee per year or another organization asks $30.00 a month for school and lunch.

I found one organization that can build a 3 classroom school for $20K

I actually found a ton of organizations who have been working over there quietly for years and years. One right in my back yard I had never heard of before.

OK, all of you know I 100% support helping, reunification when possible and of course adoption.

Now, the Department of Children and Families is in the front line taking control and putting Haitian children into FOSTER CARE??? The governmental system which is high dollar, dysfunctional and certainly doesn't have the #1 record for efficiency to get children into permanent placements... YET that is the path for the Haitian orphans???

I am confused...When the public is calling emailing and asking to do their civic duty, private industry of adoption has been on the front lines doing the work and now our government feels they should take over???? I am confused.

Ii need to run Emma to the Doctor but this subject is not closed...