Saturday, January 9, 2010

Sensory movie time

Today has been a wonderful day ... wet and cold--getting colder by the hour... but we made the best of it.

We started off waking up well after the 5 am alarm, dressing up to go to a Pancake breakfast at Beef O'Brady's in Cape Coral as a fundraiser. The neat thing was by placing the event on my facebook, some of the people who I communicate with via face book came to meet face to face. It was wonderful to meet you all. Then a family who use to go to the kids' school came and that proved perfect for future play dates being scheduled.

Face book also was the way we learned of a neat thing the local movie theater is doing for our sensory kids... They have a show (today Alvin and the Chipmunks) each month and they show it in a way our kids do not experience such sensory issues...The lights did not go down all the way but was perfect..the sound was not blasting, very good and the company was PERFECT... They even came in to welcome everyone and make sure everyone was getting their needs met, asked for comments and had a quiet area set aside for any issues that might come up... VERY KIND!!!

I looked down the isle of my seven, a friend and my grandson..NINE kiddo's all holding their popcorn, with big smiles and eyes focused on the show. Not one melt down. It was perfect. Next month it is (THE TOOTH FAIRY) so they got me to the movie theater. The price was right...$5.00 I am pleased with many of the things my community is doing for our kids.