Monday, January 4, 2010

Can I vent??? who listens any way???

I have to comment on the family in the news about the ZU ZU pet... they state that their 8 EIGHT year old daughter went to bed and on a number of occasions since getting the pet (TOY) she has gotten her hair in the toy and it is causing harm???

ON THE BOX CLEARLY MARKED, it states keep away from HAIR!!! Ok, the family even states the box clearly marks the caution... from all accounts I could see the child was of average intelligence level and EIGHT not TWO...because it is not recommended for small children..... so let me just inform you all.....

I have raised a couple girls, there are many warning labels/ notices etc for girls NOT TO SLEEP WITH and if at eight they can not keep a toy out of their daughters bed THEY NEED PARENTING CLASSES!!!!! SOON! LOL

I am appauled that in America as an educated country someone of average intelligence levels would put their face on NATIONAL television and make such a claim..

Now, why do I feel so strongly.. because my children are DENIED DENIED DENIED many average intelligence opportunities in our education system because they have testing scores which tell our professional educators that my children are intellectually delayed and therefore shall not easily access any of the average intellectual opportunities without a major battle from an advocating mom...

AN MY CHILDREN KNOW THEY ARE NOT TOP PUT THIS TOY NEAR THEIR HAIR AND THEY HAVE NOT DONE SO!!!! see my girls...very long hair... no problems here..I am the parent, we follow directions (for the most part) and we do all we can to show the world we have many ABILITIES and so there you go.... my five cents worth of venting..