Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A meatball night

Yesterday was a very productive day for me although I did not meet my intended gaol...I need to find some important documentation to provide for a grant...I know I put it somewhere although during the months of Emma's surgeries etc...I put things away to do later and I have no mental image of where it is I thought was safe and secure... So yesterday I started going through all the Rubbermaid bins of "stuff" that "stff" I said I would deal with later....and my oh my I had been putting off things for some time.. It appears I was using the Rubbermaid tubs more than I remembered..You know fill a tub, take it to the shed and it is out of sight out of mind.. SO the garbage is full just hours after our weekly Tuesdat pick Junk mail ...oh my save our trees guys, stop sending out junk mail.

So I made it through the morning of cleaning the kids' rooms after two weeks of break. That was about as disgusting as anything I have done in awhile.... It is amazing the stuff they can pack in every corner of their rooms. So that is done... then the laundry, I cleaned the garbage area and found a pile of Thomas train track??? so that was soaking and scrubbed cleaned when the kids got home... and I continued on with tub de-cluttering. Dinner time came, meatballs for dinner, when home work was complete and speech therapy over; "Cloudy with a chance of meatballs" the movie came from Netflicks which was family time. It ran on to about 8:20 which is past bedtime although they scurried to their rooms and quickly fell asleep...Yeah me! I got some of the paperwork faxed out to CA but not all...on to that project today.