Friday, January 15, 2010

I officially won the Easter egg hunt today....

LOL I got a bee in my bonnet this morning after the Doctors office called to cancel their appointment today.. I went out front and started thinning my Forrest and weeding along with pulling out the under brush and YIPPPPEEEEE I found tons of Easter eggs....I got the Mother load..... 6 had 25 cents in them; several had nickles and one had $1.00 bill....... Yes, MOM... LOl made the clearing more fun and I got to celebrate all by myself.. Emma stayed inside the house playing in her seat..

The front of my house is so over grown and now so brown. I lost a ton of plants to the cold snap. Not all bad because it has brought me out to focus on clearing the excess.

I also find myself overloaded on news so it was a good thing.

Let me in on something I did not know. I planted pencil cactus a couple years ago because I thought it looked pretty cool in a friends yard. It has been growing and spreading to other plants and I actually moved some clips to start in the back yard..

NOBODY TOLD ME THEY ARE POISONOUS... I was willing to share these clippings.. SO when Nancy came over to visit like others, I went out and clipped pieces and put them in water for when they were ready to go. Nancy had Jim cut several more to share in Ft Lauderdale... Well.. after I took my clippings I had an eye irritation but didn't tell anyone just dealt with it and felt a little odd but dealt with it while they were here..I am oblivious to much of my body signs any more with so many outside distractions I do not thinking about "me." Well about an hour after Jim and Nancy left I get a call...Mary can you tell us more about these plants...I said well I am on the computer.. She said Jim is swollen, can hardly talk CAN NOT SEE and has nasal blockage ..Jim got on the phone and he sounded like he was on his death bed??? I pull up pencil Cactus.... google it....OUCH...can cause blindness.. POISONOUS!!! as I am reading OUT LOUD, Nancy is freaking out..thinking one minute i am actually reading these facts and the next thinking I am kidding... I was not kidding.. so I click and click to find WHAT TO DO.. then I read an ER visit that said they treated like anaphylactic shock and administered antihistamine.. so they ran into the convenience store and bout all they could locate.. I am reading more about dangerous to small children and for sure to pets....WHAT THE HECK!!! This is not a plant to be in my yard. SO as of today we have no more and I knew how to protect my eyes and body to not get the milky sap on me.