Friday, January 29, 2010

and the day rolls on

My day has been a whirl wind...Off to the Doc. uneventful...lots of questions..HAVE YOU HEARD ANYTHING? No, we have heard nothing. No word is good so we will take that.

Then I call to get details on the up coming Walk-a-thon and now I am part of the committee team and in hook line and sinker..WITH A SMILE.

I heard from the photographer who did the piece on our family and spent the week in Haiti. He is planning to return and is seeking answers to the questions about the orphans and is very interested in the local orphanage. I am pushing it out into the media world. I have sent him with tons of hugs for angel baby's.. HE ROCK! You do Andrew.

I learned to gather items and send them to Haiti safely then we can pay $4.00 a lb and have it flown every Wed. from a local organization that goes over regularly and has for 200 years. Amazing work this man from Lehigh has been doing.

I got a call that Jordan's medication needs approved through the insurance to I need to "find" some to hold me over... calls to his Doc finds samples so now that the buses are here I need to go pick those up.

The sun is so wonderful it is hard to come inside ...but need to be responsible...