Monday, January 18, 2010

and I wore no shoes to say " walk in my shoes for a day"

Today has been a kid filled day of work and fun... We had the time to take the trash to the road AND clean all around the trash can area..A separate locked area of our property due to Tressa have Prader-Willi syndrome. It sure needed some attention and I found a cabinet outside full of wasps I need to deal with tomorrow.

In my moment of energy I took the ladder to the back yard to saw down branches covering the front of their basketball hoop and the blade broke in the branch, for fear the kids would climb and slice their finger I tried to pull it out...Yes, it was HOT.

The ole wagon was picked up by some garage pickers today, sure hope they line it with new metal and get good use of it as we did... That wagon held all the Pringle children when we were out in Orlando... nothing better.. Hands down better than a double stroller

I am following the orphan crisis in Haiti close and things are falling fast. Desperation breeds greed...and they are going down fast and furious. The local orphanage director and i have been emailing and I have offered to fly over if needed to bring children back. If they pave the way for the PA duo where none of the children were harmed by the Earthquake there is high hope to get all the children with Down syndrome out because they are HIGH RISK. Without order, structure and high supervision their lives are at risk from having low cognitive ability. I am writing endlessly to all the powers that be so they hear me about the need for children with Down syndrome to be considered high risk. Not to discredit any disability as I advocate all get out into our local orphanage. We have a place here in Ft Myers for children with missing limbs, blind, hearing loss, and all disabilities.. It has been running for twenty years, it is about getting it back in full capacity and efficiently running at full capacity. The local church stands behind it and the community with a little education will as well.

So I got our Prader-willi T-shirts ordered today...
The valentine's cards for Tressa since she does not share candy are ordered. I will post a photo when they come in. It is an information card with her photo and asking for a $1 donation to PWFL in her name.

I got the post cards made for the spaghetti Dinner and Dance..the hall secured and I need to pay on that tomorrow... and flyer's made to send out Internet along with a donation form for raffle items made and into attachment form for helppppppp

3 meals, two sink fulls of dishes have no idea how many diapers I've changed, fights I have broken up and re-directions done today but in the midst of this all I managed to get 9 loads of laundry done....yes I got two calls for support today and not sure but a half a dozen emails (state offices are closed) call Mary when all else fails :o) Oh yeah, the neighbors have out of town guests so some of Emma's equipment is next door..

Tonight I just need to finish closing the kitchen down, locking it up and moping the floors for the second time today, setting out the kids clothes making tomorrows school lunch, bedtime routine and load book bags.... and I will be ready to watch the comedy called the Bachelor... for a good end of my day laugh!