Saturday, January 16, 2010

warm with an overcast, YARD WORK

Today is my Yard clean up day, at least that is what I have in my plans. I had a rough night and woke to the alarm and realized I had not set the kids closes out or done the night routine for buses so scrabbled quick quick in panic the kids will miss the bus when Keirsten yells; Mom no school it is Saturday. Well my alarm went off .... sets me in motion. lack of quality sleep maybe. How can I sleep after seeing a front end loader scrape buckets of dead humans off a road like nothing and dump into the bucket of a huge dump truck, wow that is only miles from my front door.... surreal. It just can not be...... I see/hear that they are bringing the children to Florida for medical and safe care. I have a friend in town who has an orphanage she has taken in Haitian children for many years until the Hague agreement was set in place, that ended her rescue missions as she knew them. The Catholic Church announced their plan to airlift orphans and bring them in to locate family members and get the children out into group homes, foster care ets. I emailed my friend to offer volunteer time and if any child with DS needs help I will get them to their medical, I think I know that routine..... My goodness what those children have experienced.. it will be a life time of recovery... when my kids are belly aching that I think $55.00 for ride bracelets are too much for a road side carnival. Which by the way got shut down easy due to making the decision my teens will not go was not so far from knowing our country is not the same as it was..and further more...GET REAL

I went to the carnival in 1977 and look how that turned out.. Mandie tells that story all the time. The first carnival she went to was when she was old enough to get herself there and pay her way...

So the kids are up to the table eating breakfast and i am waiting for Lucas' hot cereal to cool. The boys made bacon and pancakes with orange juice...Tressa was quick to get her bowl of cereal and move to her television. Lucas eats a mix of grits, meat, egg, cheese and what ever else I can find, fruit and left over fattening foods..IT WORKS because her gained 8 lbs over Christmas break and is holding on because I am back to feeding him as soon as he gets off the bus. His blood work comes back this week so we will see what is up. Well I need to go, he is doing his mix of cry laugh squeal, laugh squeal cry.... trying to figure out how to verbalize I WANT TO EAT... I coach say eat and he can sign it but he doesn't initiate it until prompted.