Friday, January 15, 2010

Home schooling information seeking

I am looking to educate myself on all avenues of home school in the fall

ESE with a current IEP although my district doe not have a classroom setting that meets my child's needs. My child is 6 years old and was waived in an additional year of ESE Pre-K but any kindy class with typical peer role models is all desk, pencil and paper 90% of the day. Lucas was in an orphanage the entire first four plus years of his life. Today he is 100% improved from when he entered the USA BUT not ready to site in an educational setting all day.. He needs dramatic play learning, he needs interactive math and social stories...Many many 5 and 6 year olds in our district would benefit from a kindy classroom for easier learning but no we have an all or nothing look at placing children here. SO as his mommy and when you say life skills it means being home in your environment and learning life skills...A school is for education... I have been the life skills route...that child of mine is so far behind it makes me ill to even think about it. I am not willing to place another child on that path. So here I go... HOME SCHOOLING....

So on this journey I have to ask myself about all the children.. I have said more than once it would be my plan to home school middle school years for any further children because I see NO GAINS from my middle school children academically.. Socially yes..My son who has been in life skills really blossomed in middle school with the big boys.. BUT had he not been in a low functioning setting then it would not have been an issue at all any way.. so the education system created that deficit. So HOME SCHOOLING 3 next year??? well four if you count EMMA and then lets talk about the oldest Hmmmm, she has struggled for years and really only attends High School to collect email and phone information. So which is I send the kids to the education department to collect a TON OF MONEY from the children to baby sit them or do I keep them home???? I have 2 thriving... is that fair to those two and I would hate to interferer with their beautiful path they are on but if everyone else stays home and the two of them get on the bus, how will they feel??? But I know I can not do better than their placement...And after all why am I put in this situation??? I did not go to college to teach children and I will not earn any type of salary to tech these children but shouldn't I if our paid education system isn't....What is wrong with this picture???