Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mandie came today, the pool well.....

I refuse to get into the pool until it is at least 70's upper 70's yes I prefer 90's hot tub material...lol

Mandie swears (she was dumb enough to get in) that the water has to be in the 30's. Her legs went numb..lol the thermometer says 52 but FIFTY TWO in water is cold. Ice water..the kids are saying "it is not ice water" they are playing splashing and having a great time.

It is about time to be thinking of dinner. I took a cat nap today as it is Tues. and I pick up for the food shelter tonight and that run is late... I do not feel safe delivering that late at night so I will pick up and then deliver tomorrow.

Therapy is coming tonight and lots to prepare for school is back in session tomorrow therefore the alarm needs on and 5 am will be seen...YIKES.

Reflect on what a wonderful life us American's have. Humble for our lives as we live them. Not letting my goals down but I sure am thankful, very Thankful.