Sunday, January 3, 2010

Family day

The last day of winter break, breakfast is over. Steven is in his room jamming to the stereo Disturbia by Rhianna is up loud and he is singing right along with her and rocking to the rhythm..He is so in love with her. Kaitlyn is setting up the table for therapy. OT starts in about an hour for the entire afternoon. Jordan is pestering me to make the gingerbread men and house...I think I have put it off as long as excuses will work. Keirsten is holding Emma on the coach cuddled in tons of blankets telling me to turn the furnace on because she is freezing.. my child who wants to travel north to play in snow???? Lucas is squealing and laughing by Steven making Steven yell Quit and Lucas laughing and getting louder...I LOVE IT! Tressa is in the tub, getting ready for a head washing. Tomorrow school is back in session so much earlier mornings... I am setting things up today to be as prepared as possible.. Bookbags reloaded with fresh supplies, shoes all clean and in their cubbie, all the items they will wear on top of the cubbie so they can get ready easy ... then WHAT WILL I DO BY MYSELF.... oh let me see... let me count the desires..... LOL maybe it will be my spa day for mom...lay in the hot tub for an hour non stop... HHHmmmm.. I have all the laundry caught up.. I could face some of my demons...trouble spots...I should deal with the broken dishwasher.... Oh what the heck, let me have one day.... need to run, a gingerbread house is calling my name..