Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I do not have any desire to re-live yesterdays moments so it is what it is today.

Today I woke up a little more tired than yesterday... Last night I did a run for the food pantry..I pick up for a local food pantry when a friend can not do it. We did it during the summer for a 10 day time and now we committed to every Tuesday night. Once time a week should not take too much out of us..

SO I wake and learn Haiti has been hit AGAIN. Bless all those people as they must be scared to death... what a life and we take ours for granted.. I do not want to stress my children but I do want them to take a moment and feel thankful for what they have. It is part of learning that not everyone in life has a bed of their own. I want them to be grateful for what they have as much as an adolescent can. It will be a seed we build on.

Kaitlyn went to the pantry with me so got home at 10 pm, she was tired and slept an extra 30 minutes this morning..I am not sure what this morning is going to be like because as she was running to catch the bus she told me she took a melatonin ??? She has never done anything like this before. She knows if Keirsten is not able to sleep she can take a melatonin and she has in the past but today she took one before school.. her explanation is she is a little tired and can't sleep...

Jordan is home this morning, he wanted time with mom so he managed a little BM spot and claimed it to be diareah and he needs to stay home. It is a half day today so we will get some one on one time. we actually have and now he is running outside with Ali.

Today I need to get the pool filled, finish today's laundry and get the house back in order. I am more of a multi tasker than my daughter which I noticed yesterday.. must be to keep things rolling and balanced here it is the multi tasking.

I realized I did not eat yesterday which lent to my not feeling mentally strong late in the day. Orange juice this morning and a slice of toasted pumpernickel and a wedge of laughing cow french onion...mmmmmmm my morning and now with Emma laying next to me playing with a tummy full, smiles and chatter... we need to go check on Jordan.