Sunday, January 3, 2010


As of today we have not heard anything more on the extreme home makeover... it is a lengthy process and we were told Oct 16th it would be two months before we hear anything... and we haven't heard anything. It is an emotional roller coaster for me as I know everyone must imagine since I get repeat calls, IM's and emails from many asking as you all think about it often as well.... BUT, in time we will know... I try very hard to go each day without thinking of is tough to feel up one day dreaming of how life might be then realizing thousands of people are requesting daily... I read somewhere they get 2000 requests each day...that is a lot of people. SO here we sit a new year upon us and same ole same ole...I got an email about a newborn boy with PWS.

If anyone knows anyone who has the ability to adopt a baby with PWS (same as Tressa) email me... The birth parents want a family with no more than 3 children, christian and willing to offer an open relationship.

My direction in the future depends on our decision on the many would never understand if we get the home and after the summer comes and goes it is a wish for me to go over seas again to visit an orphanage... I can not bare to know children with DS are dying for no reason than having been born in the wrong country and with Down syndrome... please read my blog from my last trip to visit an orphanage... it is an eye opener.

I need to hop off here, I need to get ready for an early early morning.. so [re-planning is getting all in order and everyone including me to bed a tad bit early.

the blog is in my profile my blog is called cape angel in russia.