Thursday, January 28, 2010

The sun is shining brightly

It has been a productive yet not overwhelming couple of days, maybe I can even say week. I have all the laundry done, no dishes to do, kids off to school, Emma bathed and fed playing on her floor mat. I am about to start sipping on coffee. and it is before 9 am.. I am not tired, feel like I could get windows washed to day... well right at this moment I feel that so let's see.

Emma sat in the shopping cart yesterday for the first time. She was focused and somewhat seemed stressed in holding a knuckle grip even though she was belted with the insert and the cart strap. I have one of those germ protectors yet no idea how they really work so i wrapped her in it inside the seat the best I could figure without instruction. When I was having baby's it was sad the daily germs were good for them --builds immune... so here I am in the year 2010 protecting baby Emma from every germ possible. Hand sanitizers, germ wipes, cover and clothes and even signs on her travel equipment that clearly states don't touch my baby...LOL Actually says wash your hands before you touch mine. Big Red Stop sign shape. So she sat going through the store.. no looking around, just eyes on the cart and focused on not falling over. I could see the work it took as the cart moved, her tummy muscles were in full swing..her little arms tried as hard as they could and for the most part was a total work out without her complaining.. the problem came when she simply passed out. Out like a light and nothing was going to wake her... a work out to pass out.. and then I was working all my skills to hold her head, push the cart and steer without running into people, off to check out one handed... talent was the key.... Thank goodness it was a short list to fill and self check out was clear.

It is very cute to watch her now build her confidence to try and sit, she sits but she needs to convince herself each time. She also forgets how it is she starts...Like on her back she lifts her head and starts to lift the chest to sit straight up, well that doesn't work so she pushes..her feet against the floor and she is in a near back bend. head still on the floor, you can see through her eyes she is working on how it is she sits, how did I get my body upright...then she squirms and twists and her body feels the position and quick as you can say sit she is up...a bit startled at first she looks around like she is in a new environment and she then gets eye contact and smiles a huge gum filled smile of pride...and over she goes as she lets loose of her balance...she has it down now to get the arm out to break the head bonk. I watch now, not racing to protect her, she has it and each time she sits longer, falls less and enjoys the toys around her for a longer amount of time.. It is clear it wears her she gets to her tummy, grabs a toy starts babbling her story and rolls to her back for play