Sunday, January 24, 2010

Today has been a calm day... I day I might take this time to update on each of the kids

Keirsten being 16 is all that...a teenager. She pushes the limit on everything. She spent the night at her girlfriends Friday night and had a great time. To be home at noon calls to stay longer and then late at that...

Kaitlyn brought home her art work. She slid in a page of pasted photos of things she would like to have. She put a cell phone on it and a 2nd cell phone that had texts listed she said to be sure her phone text. Then a cruise ship to Alaska and a photo of a fish to go fishing and a lap top that has a stylist and swivel screen... she has good taste.. LOL I am not sure what class that was made in.

Steven is such a little man. He is planning his 13th Birthday party on Feb. 20th...He is excited. I need to get busty inviting his friends and figure out where it is we will have it.

Jordan went to the Hospital to pick up the newborn this week. He got a little possessive when the adoptive parents came to pick her up. He is doing so well in school. His class reports are perfect. I love hearing about the bonds he has with classmates..Academically he isn't doing so well. He is not retaining and we keep giving input and will not give up but his learning is difficult.

Tressa is doing so much better in school. I am making plans to have her repeat second grade so she has a solid foundation in reading and math to move forward on. She hasn't connected with any "friends" to have it be a social blow this year. I hope to get on top of finances this year and have Tressa back in outside activities which offer physical activity.

Lucas is doing so well. Mom is a word used more and more. He is signing and getting into the family more and more without coaching. His age being 6 makes it mandatory he move on in school and if I keep him included he will be at a desk with pen and paper which is not in his best interest. He needs housekeeping, arts and crafts and days full of pre-school activities. I am thinking of having him home for a year. Even possibly a pre-school with other children.

Emma, WOW Emma is going to be a year old..CAN YOU BELIEVE IT! I can not.

Ally is growing as fast as Emma although tripling in weight unlike Emma. She is active but a great dog, she is learning although it takes time.