Saturday, January 16, 2010

We kicked some trash!!!!!

It started early, just before noon. Pulled out all the under brush, cut down old bushes and trim trim and more trim for the palms we have ..some just go on forever... I get on a step ladder..try to get as high as can be. Did you know step ladders for inside the house do not work well outside because they sink into the dirt.. Then what ever way is the direction you fall. I couldn't believe how much we got done..I was raking and did my best not to alert anyone I hit a nest of black racers..SNAKES... and ended up knocking a wasp nest which got them all in a buzz.... My teens took breaks of about 15 minutes for every 5 minutes if that they worked..then she says, Mom you are bleeding.. all over.... I had cactus bites, thorn cuts and what have you punctures..all part of it right??? I had boots on, pants and a long shirt but it is HOT HOT HOT outside and I really wanted to get this done. The neighbor lady came over to compliment us and the pile at the rode grew very large.. Our Pringle wagon bit the dust.. the rust is too bad it is a danger now for the kids. I will have to save for a new one. $250.00 at Northern tool but it has been the best wagon for over 8 years.

SO you think we stopped there, lunch was salad and slice of pizza and off to the back yard they went. I headed to walmart for necessary items and red mulch.. Mandie cleaned the kitchen and we met back for more cleaning outside. The pool was empty so we scrubbed that clean and all the items are here to fill it tomorrow... The mulch is down the yard is picked up and the play house is screed back together. Tomorrow we should be able to pull it all together and fill the pool!!