Thursday, January 14, 2010

turning into one of those weeks

I got up this morning to Keirsten missing the bus...this is not the worst morning for her to miss her bus. I have three kids needing blood work. Jordan who HATES giving blood, Lucas who freaks out the moment they come in with the white lab coat and little Emma who doesn't share her blood well....Nothing I had been looking forward to.

#1, when I left their Docs a week ago I got the print out for the lab. I did not read it, just knew it needed to go with me. One for Lucas, one for Jordan. Well both print outs were for Lucas. Then I took Emma and her adoption is not legally the paperwork was for Emma and legally she is still Baby girl... so I either pay cash or get the paperwork done in the right name. I paid cash for her medications because the same name issue occurred.

I call the Doc, they tell me to do it another day..not the answer I wanted. I have them home, they are fasting. I am moving forward. I go to the lab show them all the blunders, they call and three hours later..THREE, YES! THREE hours later we are done with labs.

Lucas went first as his was sorta simple. He gave his blood just a little hysterical.

Jordan was next and he waited in the lobby with me while the others watched TV in the van with Keirsten... He was a mess. The entire time was negotiations, if I do not get a shot but give blood, I get McDonald's and to stay home with mom... and that was begged about 100 times...

Then Emma, sweet sweet Emma who doesn't cry the first stick, little pouting the second stick, then all out screams the third stick as drips of blood exited into the containers... I am a mess, ready to pass out as this is not my strongest parenting skill...the fourth poke into her right hand...for later reference....she let it flow...

off to McDonald's, Keirsten to school and pharmacy and home.. Emma is sleeping, Lucas is sleeping , Jordan is playing quietly on the floor with his toys.... maybe it isn't so bad after all???

Tomorrow little Emma has her monthly shot, she is not going to like me.... maybe she and I can go play at the park after. Her little eyes looked into mine with such questions of trust, I was holding her but I was letting two people hurt her!!! How can my Mommy do this she looked..

more emails.... nope; sitting on pins and needles...... trying not to feel defeat with so much more happening in our world, I am really a lucky lady. I just know it could be better-easier.