Monday, January 25, 2010

It is a lazy day around here. The thunder freezes the kids if it makes the windows rattle...they do not like the noise and my brave loud husky boys turn into mama's wimpy Too funny. and they act like I can stop it.

The smell of french toast helped them keep their minds off the noise and feeding their tummies was also a distraction. Tressa had her bowl of cereal although her plan was to have oatmeal but that OCD just did not allow the change...LOL She is off playing Barbie's in her room. Kaitlyn helps Lucas dig out his trucks for some floor play, Jordan and Steven go to the Christmas gifts that have not been played with or used and choose table activities.

I was able to finish some copying for the medical advocacy and get that out to the mail.

We say a prayer for the families workers and all in Haiti as this storm appears to be heading that direction. We pray they are spared more harm.

Keirsten has been getting more informed, watching extreme home make over last night they donated shoes to Jamaica and she related the conditions she saw to what Haiti was like before the earthquake. This seemed to move her in a small way. She asked lots of questions, I hope she stays interested. I would be thrilled if she got onto some mission work.