Sunday, January 10, 2010

Just gotta laugh some times.

Some days I wonder what parenting skills I am lacking.... I have parented a number of children yet parenting this last teen with what many of you feel has typical learning skills stumps me beyond any other.

She just came into the kitches as I am cleaning up from a day of cooking and says...

"Mom, how do they make turkey's" I stop and try to process the question she posed... So I repeat the question. You want to know "HOW" they "MAKE" turkey's ?

Yes, she says and you know???? I said yeah, turkeys are like chickens, like hens, kinda like cows and pigs and all the other things that live and die for us to eat as food.... "Yeah, but how do they make turkeys to be butterballs".....LOL
Gotta laugh because this is the same girl asking why I won't sign for her drivers license.....