Saturday, January 23, 2010

It has been a very busy few days.
We had a placement from the newborn nursery Thursday to Friday and this week has been 1/2 days of school. I was tired going into the 9 hour ride to the hospital and back not to mention no sleep that night and on to having the kids home, new parents needing time with me and all that I feel drawn to do to get word out and keep the pot stirred to get children out of Haiti an here for medical. It is so frustrating...because small children can be kept accountable-accounted for..not like they are going to split ...It is awful to see he reports that no medical supplies to help with pain, or infection and masks etc, equipment being sent for adults.. URG! we are 2 hours away!!! Please write to the powers that be to let them know so we can keep the pressure on to put those baby's on the planes to our local hospitals.

Sen Bill Nelson is being very out spoken to allow the kids to get here for medical and he feels the accountable but for goodness sakes get them here and keep track but get them here now...

So passion.... I am full of it... and it wears me out so this is short, we are all fine, I have a couple pics of the past few days. Kids playing in the pool YES THEY ARE!... LOL and the baby who is with her new mommy and daddy..that is a post in itself but not tonight. I need to relax and sleep. I worked hard on the house today because it felt like it was getting away from me.. so it is an early night, time to have me time... Good night.