Friday, January 8, 2010

Doesn't take much to revitalize my self esteem....LOL

It is yet another cold morning, but the good news is it is Friday and we do not need to get out of bed until much later tomorrow. We have a pancake breakfast to be at so no staying in PJ's all day, out by 9:30 will be a blessing.

We do not have a furnace here; only air. I have a space heater that I can only have on when I am awake. I wake up about 2:30 in the morning after shutting it off after the 11 pm news..then at 5 am again..we are not cold. I find an oven made meal for dinner and like today we made Cinnamon rolls for breakfast which requires the oven. The house rises from 63 to 68 degrees quickly.

Emma seems to feel the need to get up with me at 2 am for a warm 4 oz bottle... hope this doesn't turn into a habit she is not willing to break.

well it is now 2 note it has been a day of interruptions from am to pm...

I got the kids off to school, got coffee and spent quality time with Emma... I just love hearing her giggle. Her smile is so big and wide it covers her entire face and all gums.

We bundled up to go to get necessary items; trash bags, paper plates, exchange PJ's and pick up milk, lunch meat and a few things to tide us over the weekend...Imagine I picked up most everything that needs to be heated via the oven..LOL so funny the isles I usually avoid. I am making a whole turkey this weekend to double as heat (they say Sunday is going to be killer cold) and a food item that allows us to save some cash.

We are looking to make a trip to Aventuria FL on the weekend of the 17th to see grandparents of Steven's. They are Grandparents to all but by blood joined us when Steven did.

I got a few calls from a friend who is without internet to look things up and a blast from the past which was a real shock in more ways than I can say... you know when you look at a number that has 666 in it ans you should just trust your gut and not go there...That call...only problem is I answered it.

It amazes me when men come into our lives, leave and we hear nothing as they are happy and moving through their own needs with ease...then when they hit a bump or like today seem to be under a pile of bricks, seek us to make them feel better.... This chipper good girl is all over those days.. I am a VERY NICE PERSON. if you need to vent about something you are willing to correct I am here for you...If you want to belly ache and you are past your teens, pass me over. So I hear, I have been thinking about you...NOW PLEASE, I have not talked to this person since say 1992.... so if I have been on their mind, really.... pushing 50 is no time for high school games...I hear: and I kid you not...... His mom is going to prison for multiple DUI's, his brother off to jail and is disabled for a crime he didn't commit but convicted of..his ex wife no longer speaks to him, his 14 year long girl friend left home ,they have not been having S--ual relations for 2 years and he believes he should move back to Illinois, he lost one of his two jobs here and almost really to loose the other and is behind on his mortgage 4 months after refinancing his 60K property up to 107K...... OH BABY i am all over this one.....N O T!!!!! Why call, go to church, say some prayers or make some friggin changes in your life to make it better.....DO NOT CALL MARY!!!!!!!! LOL

The sad part is me, being who I am needed a second call to come in to say I needed to get off the phone.... you better believe I will let it go to voice mail next time...

Now, I feel so good about my life, I am so fortunate that I am self motivated and willing to step out to keep what I have and always seek ways to make thing better, always looking forward and willing to fight to make things happen!!!! I rock!!